Monochrome Magic

In the muddled world, there’s something reassuring about clean, simple black-and-white, especially when it features as into small & big organic graphic details and stripes. The look is modern, alive—but never in your face or overboard. It transcends from one occasion into another and you can just never be wrong about it. Except of course at weddings and mournings, please be sure to pick the right one 😉

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Although black and white make the perfect partnership; introducing a pop or a nude color would subdue the impact. So if subtle is your style, pick an accessory to reduce the boldness. Shoes can be nude and makeup should do nothing more than highlight your brows and bone structure (contour away!).
Runway features: Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Loewe, Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Sportmax, Stella M`cartney.

The simplicity of monochrome makes it a timeless classic, and once again it’s set to dominate our wardrobes this sweltering summer.




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  1. monochrome is like yellowish not black &white

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